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Covid-19 Situation Report: Indonesia
14 September 2020 | Written by Chris Alexander

Indonesia remains closed to international arrivals at this time, yet domestic movement is permitted.  The government’s Covid-19 Prevention Committee is working to balance health and safety measures with economic stability. The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has already released a detailed and standardised set of protocols for hotels, restaurants and MICE activity, in order to restart tourism at the domestic level.  

Initial plans to reopen Bali to international visitors on 11th September have been postponed, though the island’s domestic tourism is still open for business and appears stable, according to I Wayan Koster, Governor of Bali. The Bali Regional Government has issued a new certification relating to the New Normal in the tourism industry, for those who have already conducted health, cleanliness, safety guidelines and Covid-19 protocols. 

Preparations for domestic and international arrivals have been continuing at pace in hotels, tour operators, restaurants, airlines, land transport networks, attractions, shops and other related tourism infrastructure in the ecosystem, throughout many destinations in Indonesia.  

INACA (Indonesia National Air Carrier Association) and PHRI (Perhimpunan Hotel and Restaurant Indonesia/Indonesia Hotels and Restaurants Association) has initiated a campaign called ‘SafeTravel’ in a bid to increase public awareness about the HEPA filter system installed in every aircraft it operates. This filter is used for cleansing the inside of the cabin every 2-3 minutes, ensuring the air is safe for all passengers. 

Panorama Destination Indonesia News: 

Panorama Destination Indonesia has continued to operate throughout the pandemic, working alongside government officials in each of its branch offices in Medan, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bali and Labuan Bajo. We are working closely with local government, international experts and colleagues in the Indonesian tourism sector to ensure the health and safety of travellers when they return; for example, we recently partnered with the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) and became part of the ‘Safe Travels’ campaign. Approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), these protocols help us provide a standardised service and stringent protective measures for clients in Bali across a range of sectors, including hospitality, attractions, outdoor retail, aviation, airports, cruises, convention centres and MICE.     

Our Bali office been certified by the Bali Regional Government, in response to the implementation of safety protocols in preparation for the New Normal. This rigorous audit and certification will also help guide our operations in their compliance with cleanliness, health and safety, and environmental issues amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic; ultimately, this will ensure we can offer a better, safer experience to clients, employees and stakeholders. 

Panorama Destination will continue to provide the latest breaking news regarding Covid-19 and its impact on tourism via our social media channels:  

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We also understand that our clients, agents and partners have many concerns and questions regarding the current situation in Indonesia with regards to Covid-19. To help address some of these issues, we’ve put together a series of frequently asked questions and provided a response according to the most current information. 

(Please note that the Covid-19 situation in Indonesia continues to develop on an almost daily basis. All information above and below is accurate at the time of writing – for the latest updates, please refer to our social media channels, or get in touch directly) 

Covid-19 FAQ 

What is the current situation in Indonesia? 

Indonesia’s borders remain closed to international arrivals for the time being. New cases of Covid-19 are still relatively high, so the Government has postponed plans for reopening until the domestic – and international – situation has stabilised. The CDC still has Indonesia under a Level 3 warning, meaning all non-essential travel should be avoided for now. 

Are there any signs of progress with reviving tourism in Indonesia? 

Absolutely. In July, Bali completed two out of three phases of reopening, reviving tourism for local residents and then domestic tourists. The island was ready to reopen for international visitors, but has since had to push this back due to concerns over the international situation. Recent inspections and polls show that Bali is ready and willing to reopen; it’s now just a question of when. 

How and when will Indonesia reopen for tourism? 

It’s not clear exactly when Indonesia will be ready to reopen, although government officials and health experts are suggesting it will likely be in early 2021. Indonesia’s geography – an archipelago nation of more than 17,000 islands – lends itself well to travel bubbles, with tourism returning in stages. Bali is most likely to lead the way in this self-contained revival, following a similar policy to Phuket in Thailand, which is set to reopen in its own international tourism bubble from 1st October.  

Where can I find more information? 

As always, check our website and social media channels for all the latest updates:  

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