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panorama destination


Once known as the “Spice Islands”, Indonesia provided the world with a variety of exotic herbs and spices. With an amazing abundance of ingredient choices, Indonesia has one of the world’s most vibrant, colorful and flavorful cuisines and every region of the archipelago has its own unique cooking style. Among the most famous is the hot and spicy Padang cuisine that has now become popular the world over. Javanese cuisine is ideal for those who like sweet and spicy dishes, while Balinese meat and seafood dishes have a strong and complex taste of herbs and spices.

Designed for lovers of culinary art and for those simply wish to learn first hand about the traditional cooking styles of Indonesia, Panorama Destination offers cooking classes in various regions of the archipelago. Among the most popular cooking class is “A Day in the Life of a Balinese Lady” which is a true Balinese cultural experience.

This one day class is held at the Bali Asli Restaurant and Cooking School located in a picturesque village in East Bali. It offers a rare opportunity to learn about Balinese cuisine, and cook some authentic Balinese dishes under the expert guidance of Executive Chef Penelope Williams. Guests learn about the rituals that accompany Balinese cooking and how to prepare a wide variety of herbs and spices, fresh vegetables, meat and fish. They then cook their own lunch in a traditional Balinese kitchen.