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Trekking Tours

Indonesia is endowed with amazing scenery that includes active and dormant volcanoes, big rivers and lakes, tall waterfalls, dense rainforests, magnificent coastlines, and hundreds of remote and uninhabited islands. Trekking through a rainforest is an opportunity to see some of indonesia’s abundant wildlife species, many of which are endemic to Indonesia and even to only a few islands.

After a traditional riverboat ride into the heart of tanjung puting national park, visitors can then trek through a rainforest to see orangutans, wild orchids and other flora and fauna in their natural habitat. A hike up to the crater of a volcano to peer inside and see bubbling molten lava and plumes of smoke is a rare and exciting experience. Komodo island is named after the prehistoric komodo dragon, a ferocious giant monitor lizard.

Trekking through central Java and Bali is the ideal way to experience local village life and culture. These trekking tours combine exploring volcanoes, beautiful beaches and rice fields with visits to ancient temples and monuments, historic palaces and classic buildings, museums and seeing handicraft artisans at work.

Panorama destination offers trekking tour packages to explore both popular and off-the-beaten-track locations. Trekking tours can also be included as an addition to a regular tour package itinerary. The tours may include overnight stays on a custom-built traditional riverboat or at a fine hotel or resort, depending on the location of the tour.