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Sustainability Policy
Mission Statement
"Our mission is to contribute meaningfully to a sustainable society, in which all practices are designed to enrich the health, wealth and sustainability of the tourism sector. Panorama Destination seeks to minimize all negative impacts of tourism on the natural and social environment in which we operate. Our objective is to embody sustainable practices and incorporate the company ethos of sustainability from root to branch; demonstrating ethical tourism standards in all operations and at all levels of company conduct. We collaborate with colleagues, business partners and guests to foster a greater awareness of sustainability in all our actions, and strive to synergize all facets of the company towards this common aim."
About Panorama Destination
Part of Panorama Leisure Group, Panorama Destination was founded in December 1999 and is made up of more than 500 tourism professionals and 250 licensed tour guides, specializing in inbound travel services. We operate a network of offices, providing unmatched tourism services throughout the region in which our tours are centred. With branches in key tourist destinations, Panorama Destination provides a standardized service throughout the countries in which it operates.

Panorama Destination offers over 150 different tours catering to the needs of families, professionals, groups, individuals and couples. We build itineraries that are tailor-made to suit the wishes of any traveller. Discovery tours take in a broad range of hotspots, or visitors can choose to delve deeper into local cultures in a number of superb destinations. Packages focus on sustainability and are created in harmony with local cultures, customs and communities. With offices throughout the region, licensed and courteous local guides, outstanding local knowledge and a fleet of our own comfortable, reliable and eco-friendly vehicles, Panorama Destination joins the dots on a traveller’s map and opens up a range of interesting locations.
Sustainability Management
Panorama Destination has a committed sustainability team to put the company’s objectives into action; each member of the team plays a different role, assigned by the Sustainability Coordinator, coordinating their efforts with a collective mission to make all of Panorama Destination’s activities concurrent with its sustainability targets. Team members are chosen based on their experience, commitment to sustainability issues and their proven track record of accomplishing specific goals. The team’s main activities include action planning, reporting and evaluation of sustainability initiatives, in order to maximize the company’s positive influence in the tourism sector.

Spearheading initiatives that uphold Panorama Destination’s sustainability ethos, the company’s Sustainability Coordinator develops and implements the company’s sustainability policy and action plan in conjunction with senior management. The Sustainability Coordinator is responsible for leading the Sustainability Team and reporting on sustainability initiatives. This essential position is the primary point of contact for training, policy and the collective actions of the company with regards to sustainability practices. The Sustainability Coordinator ensures all employees receive adequate sustainability training, and supervises the practical implementation of such information in daily operations; thereby circulating sustainability information throughout the organization, enabling cohesion and clarity of purpose across all departments, products and platforms.

Panorama Destination employees are regularly updated on the company’s sustainability policy, initiatives and results through internal communication channels and published materials in the public domain.
Human Rights and Ethical Business Practices
Panorama Destination complies with local, national and international legal requirements throughout all its operations, to ensure ethical practices are implemented with regards to anti-bribery and corruption, health and safety, labour and environmental concerns. A clear system is in place to ensure that non-compliance by any members of the organization can be reported and acted upon accordingly, with fully substantiated and transparent corrective measures taken in such cases. Such practices also extend to the company’s conduct with other organizations in the sector; whether in collaboration or competition, Panorama Destination does not develop activities in violation of anti-trust legislation or unfair competition. Employees and partners are free to enter and discontinue their employment with the company through their own free will, in accordance with their contract. To ensure equal employment opportunities, Panorama Destination does not discriminate in terms of gender, race, age, disability, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation in relation to recruitment, conditions of employment, access to training and senior positions, or promotion within the organization.
Child Protection
A particular area of focus in terms of human rights is the company policy relating to the prevention of child exploitation. With the exception of authorized, voluntary work experience opportunities, Panorama Destination ensures that no children are employed in any capacity by the organization. Furthermore, the company works with local charities and communities to eradicate child exploitation in the areas featured in Panorama products. Panorama Destination is committed to the reporting and prevention of child abuse; employees are trained to recognize potentially harmful environments, circumstances and individuals who could pose a potential threat to local children.
Health and Safety
Panorama Destination employs a health and safety policy for employees that complies with legal standards and ensures best practice throughout the organization. If accidents occur, they are investigated and the required corrective measures are taken. First aid facilities and trained staff are available at all relevant locations, whilst guides and drivers also receive medical training to ensure the safety of clients during their travels.
Energy, Water, Waste and Pollution Reduction
To keep energy consumption to a minimum, the use of electricity throughout the Panorama offices is regulated and monitored during working hours, whilst all non-essential systems and appliances – such as air-conditioning, electrical lights and devices – are switched off and unplugged outside of working hours whenever possible. Furthermore, water consumption is monitored, recorded and reduced through the implementation of water saving initiatives whenever possible.

In order to minimize the amount of paper the company uses, employees are encouraged to send information electronically whenever possible, and are committed to always printing double-sided when hard copies of documents are required. Used paper is recycled and printers use efficient ink print settings as standard. The monthly usage of paper is monitored, recorded and evaluated by the sustainability team, with the goal of reducing paper consumption.

The above processes are implemented in all of the company’s branch offices wherever possible. Panorama Destination discourages the use of plastic, especially single-use plastic bottles and bags. Plastic items are recycled and reused, with biodegradable and environmentally friendly packaging encouraged. Panorama Destination endeavours to minimise noise, light, ozone pollution and erosion, while also finding alternatives to harmful substances that can be detrimental to the environment.
In order to ensure that the company’s purchases have a positive effect on local economies, and to limit any damage done to the environment, Panorama Destination purchases locally produced tea and coffee for employees, along with environmentally friendly cleaning products for its offices. Such purchases are made in bulk, in order to standardize their use, contribute more meaningfully to local producers and reduce waste, whilst also facilitating more effective monitoring and evaluation of the products used. Whenever possible preference is given to goods and services that are locally produced, fair trade and organic with a low carbon footprint.
To encourage positive and productive partnerships with suppliers, Panorama Destination affords additional promotional opportunities to those who demonstrate sustainability in their practices. Continuing affiliation is dependent upon regular appraisal of the relationship with regards to sustainability. The aim of both parties is to forge long-term partnerships through commonality and a shared commitment to the sustainability principles outlined by Panorama Destination. In addition, Panorama Destination collaborates with international organisations such as Travelife and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) to ensure that the company maintains best practices and remains at the forefront of international sustainability initiatives.
Due to the large number of people employed by Panorama Destination, coupled with the fact that travel is an intrinsic part of tourism, a certain amount of emissions are inevitable; however, this also means that any headway which can be made in reducing them and lessening the impact of the company’s carbon footprint can also be substantial. To this end, unnecessary staff business travel is discouraged and all employees are encouraged to use public transportation such as green shuttle buses, wherever possible. Furthermore, Panorama Destination drivers are trained to shut off their engines whenever they are not in transit. Clients are also made aware of ways in which they can compensate for the emissions accounted for by their flights.
Panorama Destination ensures that all suppliers are aware of the company’s sustainability policy, and encourages them to participate in the company’s initiatives relating to sustainable tourism. Panorama Destination jointly supports initiatives to promote sustainable accommodation and commits to engage in such initiatives at every available opportunity. Wherever possible, accommodation that has been inspected and deemed to be in-line with the company ethos is preferred. When selecting accommodation options, preference is given to accommodation providers that have internationally acknowledged sustainability certification. Panorama Destination regularly assists its accommodation providers to self-evaluate their operations with regards to sustainability, includes sustainability clauses in contracts with them and supports them on their journey to more sustainable practices.
Activities and Excursions
All excursions provided by Panorama Destination demonstrate a commitment to sustainability for which the company is determined to be renowned. All suppliers and participants in Panorama Destination excursions are made fully aware of the company sustainability policy, including its commitment to upholding basic human rights relating to local communities. Panorama Destination is committed to maintaining an inventory of environmentally and culturally sensitive excursions and, wherever appropriate, develops responsible codes of conduct. Partners are selected based on their sustainability credentials and their compatibility with Panorama Destination principles whenever possible. For example, a criterion used in the selection of restaurants to be featured in tours is their implementation of sustainability principles, as outlined by Panorama Destination policy and communicated via prior consultation with prospective partners. For catering, buffet and picnic services, Panorama Destination selects and provides food services to the same hygiene, safety and sustainability standards whenever possible. The company offers no activities that harm humans, animals, plants or natural resources, or those which are socially/culturally unacceptable. Sustainability clauses are included in contracts with excursion and activity providers and guidance on sustainability initiatives are provided.
Product and Marketing Information
Panorama Destination is committed to providing information that is correct, reliable and verified, whether in print, online media or any other platforms which represent the company. The company endeavours to create a positive impact on local communities and ecosystems through its excursions, activities, customers, employees and communities that it works with. Alongside a commitment to deliver 100% of promised itineraries and experiences to clients, Panorama Destination strives to provide information to its customers that can inform and enhance their overall experience, from what to wear, what to bring and useful cultural tips, to weather forecasts, travel suggestions and information related to visa regulations.

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