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Akaryn’s Aleenta Retreat: Coming Soon to Bali
07 May 2019 | Written by dtnweb

Akaryn Hotel Group have confirmed they will open their first Indonesian property in Indonesia over the coming months. The new resort, named Aleenta Retreat Bali, will be a spa village and yoga retreat, located in the lush hills of Ubud.

Equipped with a total of 50 rooms, Aleenta Retreat Bali will also offer a an Ayurah Wellness Center, where guests can enjoy a wide range of traditional Balinese massage and wellness therapies. This facility will be accompanied by a dedicated outdoor yoga area and a fitness centre. Dining facilities such as the Pool Bar will serve dishes made from organic ingredients, while guests in search of unique souvenirs will be able to buy local handicrafts from the Galleria boutique.

“Every Aleenta property is designed to reflect the timeless charm and character of its destination, featuring large living spaces and world-class facilities while also operating in harmony with the environment,” said Akaryn Hotel Group founder and managing director Anchalika Kijkanakorn in a recent statement.

“Aleenta Retreat Bali will be a fantastic addition to our portfolio; secluded, spiritual and sensual, this sublime sanctuary will allow guests to discover the true essence of the Island of the Gods,” she continued.

Akaryn in sanskrit means ‘rays of light’, or a radiance and warmth that can be felt and sensed but not seen or touched. Akaryn describe this as being the essence, or founding principle of their brand; what they call ‘hospitality from the heart.’