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Bali Set To Host World Ocean Summit
21 February 2017 | Written by dtnweb

The 4th World Ocean Summit, supported by The Economist Magazine, will take place in Bali from February 22-24, 2017.Event Will Promote Sustainable Initiatives to Create a ‘Blue Economy’

Most of the latest scientific evidence points towards a bleak future for the planet’s oceans, with a global rise in temperatures, unsustainable fishing practices and industrial-scale pollution all contributing to seemingly irrevocable harm to our seas.

World Ocean Summit brings together more than 360 global leaders from government, industry, multilateral organizations, the scientific community and civil society for a constructive and solution-focused dialogue.

There are many questions facing the leaders of the world today: how do large corporations and financial institutions evaluate the sustainability of their investments in the ocean? What mechanisms are currently available? What is the scale of opportunity in the ocean economy? What will the global demand for seafood be in 20-30 years? What is the economic case for controlling and cleaning up pollution in the ocean? What is the scale of opportunity in the ocean economy? Where will new investments happen?

Participants will discuss many of the most pressing concerns facing the world’s oceans today, such as investment framework for the ocean, the influence of China in the ocean economy, realizing the ocean’s investment potential, scaling the response to pollution and plastics, investment principles for the ocean and setting out a framework for a global ocean agenda.

Another key focus of the summit will be the creation of a ‘blue economy’, aligning business activity with the ocean’s health and creating a sustainable economy. The summit aims to mobilize a new discussion on how capital and the private sector can drive scalable, sustainable investment.

The 4th Ocean Summit will feature a forum for solutions to the problems in tackling these issues. The conference will facilitate a valuable exchange of ideas, publicize best practices and identify sustainable sources of capital for businesses that demonstrate a focus on conservation.

Keynote speakers scheduled to participate in the conference include government ministers from Indonesia, China, Portugal, Myanmar and Chile, along with business representatives from Citigroup, Cargill, European Investment Bank, Credit Suisse and the World Bank. The summit will also feature speakers from the International Maritime Organization, the European Commission, Cornell University, the International Chamber of Shipping and The Ocean Cleanup.

As the world’s largest archipelago nation, home to a stunning array of ocean biodiversity alongside one of the fastest growing economies, Indonesia seems an apt location for such an important meeting of minds.