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Bali to Reopen in September
07 July 2020 | Written by Chris Alexander

Following months of waiting due to COVID-19 precautions, Bali is officially ready to reopen to international tourists, with a revival planned from September onwards. The news was confirmed by the island’s governor on behalf of the Bali provincial administration. 

To ensure Bali is reopened safely, a three-step plan will be put in place. According to Bali Governor I Wayan Koster, the return of international tourism will comply with Indonesia’s policies for navigating the “new normal.” Last month, the government announced its own SOP for ensuring safe tourism operations in Bali and beyond

From 11th September onwards, international arrivals will officially return to Bali. These will be subjected to COVID-19 safety screening and protocols at the pre-departure, tour and departure stages, effectively creating a travel bubble to ensure the health and safety of travellers, locals and industry operatives.  

Visitors to the Island of the Gods will also notice a few minor changes: traditional welcome gifts of flower garlands will be replaced with masks and sanitizers; vehicles will operate at a maximum 50% carrying capacity; CHS protocols will be in place during tours; and guests will be delivered to the airport at least three hours before their departure time, to allow for exit screening and safety protocols.  

During the lockdown period, many hotel groups in Bali have been working alongside government and international health experts to implement effective hotel safety protocols, in a bid to ensure the safety and comfort of guests when they return.  

In collaboration with national government, regional partners and international experts, Panorama Destination has devised its own set of COVID-19 health and safety protocols, to ensure our guests can enjoy their holidays in Indonesia with peace of mind and minimum hassle. These cover everything from airport pickups to transfers, accommodation, tours and procedures in case of emergency. To read more about our STOP Covid-19 safety measures, click here.