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Batik Air Opens New Route to China
28 August 2017 | Written by Chris Alexander

Starting from 26th August 2017, Batik Air will operate a new charter flight route to Guilin city in China from Jakarta.

Lion Air’s public relations manager, Andy M. Saladin, announced the new flight in August. “With 49 planes and our additional Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, we will keep on expanding our international routes,” said Andy.

The new flight will depart from Guilin to Jakarta. Tourism Minister Arief Yahya has expressed his satisfaction at the influx of Chinese tourists the new route is expected to bring to Indonesia: “every year up to 18 million people come to Guilin. With this direct flight, we are going to attract these tourists to visit destinations in Indonesia,” said Arief.

120 million Chinese citizens travel abroad each year, although only 1.7 million of them come to Indonesia. New flight options such as this are expected to raise the number of Chinese nationals taking their holidays in Indonesia over the coming months.

Batik Air, a subsidiary airline of Lion Air Group, currently travels to 37 domestic destinations in Indonesia and serves international routes to Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and India.