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Belitung Gets a Boost from AirAsia
21 February 2020 | Written by dtnweb

AirAsia have declared their support for Belitung – a promising new tourism destination in Indonesia – by directly promoting it on the sides of their aircraft.

On Wednesday (19/2), the low-cost Indonesian airline unveiled their new livery on the fuselage of an Airbus 320-200 aircraft; colourful letters proclaiming “Let’s Go to Belitung.” The big reveal came at H.A.S. Hanandjoeddin International Airport in Tanjung Pandan, where representatives of AirAsia and the Belitung administration hosted an assembly of press and aviation industry professionals.

AirAsia Indonesia president director Veranita Yosephine Sinaga has confirmed that the new design forms part of long-term plans to promote Belitung to a wider audience: “with the availability of 13 Asia-Pacific destinations that are connected with Belitung through our fly-thru service via Kuala Lumpur, hopefully the world will get to know Indonesian tourism more through the beauty of Belitung,” she said.

The island of Belitung is one of the locations earmarked for development by the Indonesian government, as part of their ‘10 New Balis’ campaign. AirAsia started running a Belitung-Jakarta service on 1st October 2019, with additional direct services from Kuala Lumpur opened the following day.

The colourful design pays tribute to a number of iconic tourism hot spots in Belitung, including Tanjung Kelayang, Lengkuas Island, SD Muhammadiyah Laskar Pelangi elementary school, Gurok Pakuk Waterfall and the tarsius, which is a charismatic primate that’s endemic to the region.

Located in Indonesia’s Bangka province, in the strait that separates Sumatra from Kalimantan in the Java Sea, Belitung is a destination that is growing in popularity. Local highlights include excellent diving and snorkelling areas, along with a picturesque lighthouse, iconic rock formations, island hopping and museums. Conveniently close to Malaysia and Singapore, Belitung offers an ideal location for daytrips and weekend getaways to Indonesia’s regional neighbours.