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Citilink Indonesia – Now Flying Direct from Hong Kong to Manado
26 July 2016 | Written by dtnweb

Thanks to Citilink Indonesia Airlines, it’s never been easier for Chinese tourists to visit Indonesia. Citilink Indonesia Airlines have expanded their international tourism services in Indonesia by opening a new direct flight, connecting Hong Kong and Manado.

This new service will reduce travel times for inbound Chinese tourists, allowing them to begin their holidays in Manado with no need for connecting flights or transfers.

Mr Hans Nugroho, Commercial Director of Citilink Indonesia, outlined the benefits of the new link: “Tourists from Hong Kong and China no longer need to transit in Jakarta before going on a trip, so it is now much easier for us to fly direct from Hong Kong to Manado,” he said.

It is estimated that by the end of August 2016, Citilink will accommodate 3,000 tourists via this new inbound service.

The first 174 passengers to arrive in Manado were personally welcomed by Mr Nugroho and a group of Indonesian musicians, playing Chinese songs on traditional Kolintang instruments. The welcome party embodied the close cultural connection that exists between Manado and Hong Kong.

Also present at the inaugural arrival were Deputy Governor of Manado Steven Kandouw, Manado Mayor Vicky Lumentut-Mor Bastian, General Manager of Angkasa Pura Halendra Waworuntu and the Head of North Sulawesi Tourism Happy Korah. This new route from Citilink also opens up a brand new gateway to North Sulawesi, making Manado a perfect travel hub for Citilink travellers looking to connect with other areas in the north of the archipelago.

Tourists from China have been identified as the largest group of visitors to Indonesia by The Ministry of Tourism. Indonesia expects to welcome as many as 2 million tourists from China in 2016.

The new, direct flights from Citilink will make Chinese visitors’ journeys easier then ever before, paving the way for millions of holidaymakers in Indonesia.