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COVID-19 Situation Report: Indonesia
22 April 2020 | Written by dtnweb

Confirmed cases: 6,760
Number of deaths: 590*

Travel restrictions:
There is currently a travel ban on all foreign nationals entering Indonesia, including travellers in transit. This first came into effect on 2nd April. Unlike other countries, Indonesia has not set a provisional date for the end of this ban; instead suggesting it would remain in place ‘for the duration of the outbreak.’ It is not yet clear how long this will be, or whether a relaxation in the restriction is being considered. Bali is enforcing a 14-day self-quarantine period for all people entering the island.

There are currently large-scale social restriction measures in Jakarta. Public gatherings are prohibited, while social distancing is also being enforced. Lockdown has been in place in Jakarta since Friday, 10th April and is expected to last until 22nd May. Supermarkets, along with places selling essentials such as medicine, fuel oil, gas, and energy, remain open. Similar measures were imposed in Bandung today, and will remain in place until 5th May, 2020.

A number of popular tourism hot spots in Indonesia – from museums in Jakarta to temples in Java and the Gili islands of Lombok – were closed for cleaning last month. These closures where not caused by outbreaks of the virus, but rather were a precaution to ensure the safety of visitors when they return.

Reasons for optimism:
The government has rolled out a substantial new financial stimulus package, designed to keep tourism afloat in Indonesian until international visitors return. While the President has predicted a tourism boom in 2021, other experts are predicting a much faster recovery.

The Bali Tourism Board have announced plans to reopen hotels on the island for domestic travellers by 15th May 2020, with a view to welcoming back international visitors as early as June 2020.

State officials, private enterprise and members of the public are coming together to support one another and pave the way for recovery around Indonesia. This month, Panorama Destination donated its fleet of vehicles to help transport health workers to hospitals specially designed to combat the coronavirus.

Key quote:
“We have hope for [hotels reopening by] May-June.” (Ida Bagus Agung Partha Adnyana, Chairman of the Bali Tourism Board)

*(latest COVID-19 figures according to World Health Organization (WHO) Situation Report #92, dated 21st April 2020)