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Ministry of Tourism to Develop Tourism Talent in Indonesia
18 October 2016 | Written by dtnweb

Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism Singapore has joined forces with Republic Polytechnic of Singapore to develop the industry’s young talent.

In a move designed to share best practices among government and industry partners throughout Indonesia’s tourism sector, the College recently announced its new 36-month ‘Hospitality & Tourism Capability Development Programme’.

The course will draw together four national tourism institutions from across Indonesia and offer participants an in-depth guide to tourism in the archipelago, as well as an industry-relevant qualification.

Indonesia’s tourism institutions will work together with Republic Polytechnic to address issues relating to Bandung, Makassar, Medan and Bali. Training components will focus on social media and branding, quality assurance and productivity management.

“RP prides itself on providing our students with a holistic learning experience and skilled and experienced faculties to facilitate their development into industry-ready professionals,” said Republic Polytechnic’s principal & CEO, Yeo Li Pheow. “We look forward to sharing our problem-based learning pedagogy and best practices with the national tourism institutions.”

The programme will be co-funded by Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Temasek Foundation. The Ministry has identified this project as a key investment for future growth and the creation of jobs in the sector.

Dr HM Ahman Sya, Indonesia’s Deputy Minister for Tourism Institutional Development, expressed his hope that Indonesia will continue to develop “skilled talents who will contribute to our nation’s economy”.

“We believe that today’s talents are the building blocks of our future success,” he added.