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Ecotourism Leads the Way in Lombok
06 September 2021 | Written by Chris Alexander

Located in Central Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, Bilebante Tourism Village is a project that demonstrates Indonesia’s commitment to environmentally friendly, sustainable tourism in new and established destinations. Supported by Panorama Destination, this project is helping create livelihood opportunities, while also preserving natural resources and offering travellers a unique experience.  

The Bilebante Green Tourism Village was officially launched on 1 September 2016, and has since continued to go from strength to strength. Now, as the government of Indonesia looks to reopen the tourism sector in the wake of the pandemic, locations such as this are central to nationwide plans for revival. The Ministry of Tourism has allocated a budget of IDR 72 trillion (around US$4.9 billion) to improve infrastructure and attractions in more than 75,000 villages nationwide. 

The site of the Bilebante tourism village was originally used as a sand quarry. However, people from the surrounding communities decided to turn this abandoned land into something more beautiful. Together they planted trees and built attractions, which grew and evolved into a park called Lembah Gardena. Here, tourists can explore various flora and fauna endemic to the region, while also enjoying a heart-shaped pool that offers perfect ‘Instagrammable’ photo opportunities. 

In greening the village, local residents have turned to the traditional practice of gotong royong – a term meaning ‘mutual cooperation’, in which all parties and stakeholders work collectively; the reward comes from the fruits of their labours, in which all workers have an equal stake. The replanting and construction activities in Bilebante were fully supported by Panorama Destination, as part of our ongoing project to create inclusive business opportunities and sustainable tourism in Indonesia.  

Panorama Destination is currently helping to develop three tourism villages in Lombok (Bilebante, Sembalun, Sesaot) and another in Yogyakarta (Kebon Agung), as part of our mission to enrich the health, wealth and sustainability of the tourism sector in Indonesia and the other destinations where we operate. To learn more about Panorama Destination’s commitment to responsible tourism in Indonesia and beyond, click here