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Garuda Launches Kebaya Pertiwi Special Flight
16 July 2019 | Written by dtnweb

Earlier this month, Garuda Indonesia launched a flight service entitled “Kebaya Pertiwi Special Flight” on the Jakarta-Semarang GA 238 route. On this special flight, Garuda’s female flight attendants wore kebaya (Indonesian traditional blouse) designed by Indonesia’s renowned designer, Anne Avantie.

According to Anne, the kebaya made for Garuda has a Kartini (one of Indonesian heroines) collar, to symbolise women’s emancipation. The uniform also uses ceplok sekar wangi motifs with soft colours, as a form of gentleness and elegance of Garuda’s flight attendants in providing service to the passengers.

Anne personally welcomed the passengers who got off from the GA 238 aircraft in Semarang on Wednesday, 3 July 2019. She also gave the passengers a special batik scarf from Avantie Handicraft. This Kebaya Pertiwi Flight is part of Garuda’s effort to continuously provide “The New Flight Experience” for customers.

Previously, Garuda Indonesia presented innovations such as acoustic music concert planes dubbed #GIAccoustic, serving various Indonesian “Signature Dishes”, serving flights with the 70’s atmosphere called the “Vintage Flight” and celebrating Kartini Day with a “Male Flight” that featured all-male crew members.