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Garuda Passengers Get a Taste of Indonesia
26 February 2019 | Written by dtnweb

On Wednesday, 20th of February 2019, Garuda Indonesia, the national flag carrier of Indonesia, officially introduced “The New Signature Dish of Indonesia” on its domestic flights. The new menu features a total of 21 new variant in-flight meals, available for lunch and dinner on all routes connecting the archipelago with flights departing from Jakarta.

Dishes include the famous and ubiquitous, such as nasi goreng spesial (special fried rice) and lontong sate ayam (chicken satay with rice cakes), along with lesser-known local delicacies such as nasi ulam (rice cooked with herbs) and nasi tutug oncom (rice cooked in a fermented soybean paste).

Six other dishes are made in collaboration with Padang restaurant Sarimande, serving nasi Padang (Padang-style mixed rice) with six options of side dishes: ayam bakar (grilled chicken), rendang daging (beef rendang), dendeng batokok (beef cooked with red chili), ayam kalio (chicken with coconut gravy), dendeng batusangkar (spicy beef), and Sarimande’s ayam takicuah.

The airline’s commercial director, Pikri Ilham Kurniansyah, said that “The New Signature Dish of Indonesia” was part of Garuda Indonesia’s commitment to popularising local delicacies and presenting a “New Flight Experience” to the world.