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Hoshinoya Resort Opens in Ubud
13 February 2017 | Written by dtnweb

Hoshinoya Resorts has opened its doors on the Hoshinoya Bali – the organization’s very first property outside of Japan.

Surrounded by the lush green hills of Ubud and intertwined harmoniously with a UNESCO World Heritage landscape, Hoshinoya Bali is defined by peace, comfort and natural beauty. From its vantage point overlooking the Pakerisan River, the resort benefits from jungle views and the soothing sound of running water, thanks to sacred water canals from the island’s age-old water temple network.

The resort features the tranquil and stylish design for which the brand is renowned. Three different types of luxury villas are centered around a semi-private pool area, with a series of seven postmodern, open-air “cafés in the sky” that hover over Ubud’s wild and natural foliage.

With its dedication to health and wellbeing, the resort’s spa offers twice-daily yoga classes. There’s also delicious and nourishing Balinese-Japanese delicacies in the restaurant and guests can meditate in terraces elevated amid the palm canopy.

Hoshinoya Resorts recently celebrated their centenary; 100 years of service which the company describes as “a special kind of magic that only the travel industry can create, (opening) doors to discover foreign treasures and cultures; connecting people around the world”.

Following a century of success in Japan, as Hoshinoya Resorts embark on their new venture in Bali, their ethos for the upcoming century remains the same. Their belief and commitment is to encourage people to travel all over the globe, empowering them to build a more peaceful world. To achieve their mission, Hoshino Resorts will be taking steps to realize the magic of travel and build friendships among world communities. Hoshinoya Bali represents the first footprint in their journey and a foundation stone of their global mission.