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Large Boats and Cruise Ships Banned from Docking in Raja Ampat Village
26 February 2019 | Written by dtnweb

Raja Ampat district administration, West Papua province has banned large boats and cruise ships from docking in the port of Tourist Village Arborek.

Raja Ampat Transportation Agency head Yohanes B Rahawarin explained the ban was issued due to the shallow pier, therefore large boats and ships may destroy the surrounding coral reefs and underwater biota.

A report from the local residents reveal that several fish species have disappeared because of docking ships. Thus, a regulation to preserve the reef was drafted by the agency to manage the sailing route in the conservation area.

The regulation would rule what type of boats could dock in the pier of Arborek village and determine the areas for cruise ships to drop anchor, where tourist can go diving or snorkelling in the waters.

Yohanes asserted that the regulations are aimed at reducing damages on coral reefs and preserving this idyllic little corner of Raja Ampat through sustainable tourism, so it can be enjoyed by future gernerations.