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Lombok Earthquake Appeal: Update
31 August 2018 | Written by dtnweb

In the wake of the recent series of earthquakes in Lombok, we at Panorama Destination have mobilised our team and begun fundraising, to get targeted aid and investment to where it is needed most. With your help, we will provide tangible support to those most in need, and help the island as a whole to get back on its feet. We are pleased to report the following developments direct from Lombok, where precious aid is already beginning to have a positive impact.


Panorama Destination travelled to Sembalun, where our CEO – Renato Domini – personally donated two water pumps to help with the urgent need for irrigation in the damaged villages there. We opted for this machinery after careful discussion with Pak Rozaq and Pak Sony from GIZ. Their local knowledge and engineering know-how informed us that this was something urgent that could really make an instant difference to the lives of the villagers. The main Hydrant, so crucial in delivering water to the Village, had been broken in the earthquakes and was out of use. This meant that many families were living without water for washing, cooking and basic sanitation.

There are in fact four hamlets in this village, each of which require water pumps. We have pledged to buy another two to meet their needs. The first two pumps will be used to pump water into tankers, so it can be brought into the villages by small truck; a new tank is also required to store the water. Sembalun’s clinic was badly damaged in the earthquakes, putting it out of use for residents at a time when immediate medical care was required for many. Currently, public health services are being improvised in an area in front of clinic, although this area is exposed to the elements. Panorama Destination has bought and is shipping a tent to this location to provide some protection, privacy and a sense of sanctuary to those receiving medical attention there in the short term.


Following our trip to Sembalun, we journeyed to Tanjung to deliver much-needed food parcels paid for by donations from these pages. That day we handed over 500kg Rice, 35 cases of mineral water and 30 boxes of instant noodles together with the Henry Foundation. The communities here are also in need of shelter and other basic household amenities, which we are putting together for our next planned aid mission to Tanjung.

Despite these positive developments, the people of Lombok are still in desperate need of support. We will continue helping them with all the tools and funding at our disposal, so please continue to give generously and we’ll ensure your donations go directly to where they are needed most. Your continued support is much appreciated.

On behalf of the people of Lombok, and from all of us at Panorama Destination, thank you.