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Makeover Scheduled for Samaya Ubud
18 January 2018 | Written by dtnweb

The Management of The Samaya Ubud in Bali have confirmed they will begin scheduled renovation works on their villas, starting from 1st February 2018, with completion of the project slated for 30th April 2019. The Samaya has scheduled the works to improve the overall guest experience, specifically involving upgrades to the interiors of their villas. The makeover has been described by the management as ‘bringing our premises back to a state of modern elegance and luxury.’

In order to complete the project as quickly and with as little disruption as possible, the Samaya Ubud have split the modification process into three phases; this will allow the resort to stay open and receive bookings as usual, but with fewer villas available in their inventory. In the event of the resort being full, or unable to receive new bookings, a ‘Stop Sales’ email will be sent to all partners.

The management have resolved to keep construction disturbance to a minimum level, but would like to apologize in advance for any inconvenience this activity might cause guests during their stay. The Samaya Ubud wish to thank partners, agents and clients for their patience and understanding during this time of progress, working towards the future comfort of visitors to The Samaya Ubud.

Located in the Ayung valley of Bali, The Samaya Ubud was designed as an extension of the Samaya Seminyak. Guests can experience Balinese hospitality in a superb location alongside the River Ayung, where spacious villas and blissful surroundings form an ideal backdrop for relaxation in a tropical setting.  Visitors can encounter the artistic and cultural heart of the island, walk the famous terraced rice fields and retreat to the peace and tranquillity of the landscapes surrounding Ubud.