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New China Flights: The Development of Lombok
22 February 2017 | Written by dtnweb

Garuda Indonesia has announced they will open a new service between Guangzhuo, China and Mataram in Lombok.

In a departure from the regular routes through Bali, Machammad Yanusuerio, who is the General Manager of Garuda Indonesia Airlines in Mataram, Lombok, made the announcement following a meeting with the governor of Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB), Zainul Majid, on Friday, 2nd February 2017.

Yanusuerio said: “Lombok and Sumbawa are becoming increasingly well known both on a national and international level. This fact was considered in adding new flights on a number of routes, one of which is Lombok to Guangzhou.” He added that the new flights will operate twice a week.

The Lombok manager for Garuda also revealed that the Airline is set to increase the number of flights on domestic routes between Yogyakarta to Lombok and Makassar to Lombok, raising the frequency from once a week to twice a week.

In the same statement, he announced that the Lombok to Surabaya and Lombok to Jakarta routes were operating at occupancy rates of between 80-85%, which suggests that added flight frequencies for these can also be expected in the near future.