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New Hotel Santika Premiere Opens in Belitung
17 November 2017 | Written by dtnweb

Santika Indonesia Hotels & Resorts has just opened a brand-new property on the island of Belitung, just off the coast of South Sumatra.  The new property, named Santika Premiere Beach Resort – Belitung, is located close to Tanjung Tinggi beach, and will be the group’s 11th Santika Premiere property in Indonesia.

Located at Dusun Ulu, Sijuk, the beach resort is just 15 minutes’ drive from a range of world-class tourist destinations on the island, such as Tanjung Tinggi beach, Lengkuas island, Tanjung Kelayang beach and Kaolin lake. Batu Berlayar island, Pasir island, Tidal island, Burong island and Lengkuas island are also within reach of the new hotel.

In-line with the Santika company brand identity, the four-star hotel in Belitung combines world-class standard services with a distinctive Indonesian touch. The resort is equipped with 128 suites and one exclusive villa overlooking Tanjung Tinggi beach. It is also equipped with a swimming pool and a lagoon pool, catering to the needs of the many travellers beginning to flock to Belitung in search of something special for their holidays.

Belitung Island is located roughly half way between Jakarta and Singapore, making it the perfect place for travellers in the region looking for a weekend break. Sparsely populated, the island has a sedate and tropical feel; tourists can enjoy a range of attractions, including museums, mines, beaches and island-hopping excursions. The new hotel from Santika ensures that visitors to Belitung can also enjoy the finest accommodation options during their stay.