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New Study Reveals Travel Trends in 2022
30 December 2022 | Written by Chris Alexander

A fresh collaboration between and Indonesia’s Centre for Data and Systems Information (Pusdatin) has analysed travel trends in 2022 and revealed some interesting results. Supported by an array of insights, the Ministry of Tourism is looking to maximise potential and deliver even greater results in 2023.

The findings were presented in late December by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Industries, in a webinar entitled ‘New Paradigm of Indonesia Tourism Industry Trends 2023.’ In his opening remarks, Tourism Minister Sandiaga Uno noted that, despite the various challenges of 2022, the post-pandemic era also provided some major opportunities.

Working closely with, the ministry has identified several emerging trends that will define this new tourism paradigm. Specifically, these are wellness tourism, digital nomad travel, cultural immersion and off-grid experiences.

“We will continue to support the 3G programs: GERCEP (Move Fast), GEBER (Move Together) and GASPOL (Work on Every Potential),” explained the minister in his speech during the webinar. “We will pursue similar collaborations with and other strategic partners to develop core programs in 2023,” he added.

Data from the combined and Pusdatin study found that tourism is on the rise again in Indonesia, while also identifying some key avenues for growth. Data collected by show a spike in demand for villas and apartments, with an increase in bookings of 204% compared to pre-pandemic levels.

“Quality will be the key driver in making travel decisions, which is often related to mindfulness, sensation seeking, cultural immersion or booking accommodations,” commented Ni Wayan Giri Adnyani, who is the Tourism Ministry Secretary.

“In addition to launching various promotional programmes to increase the public’s interest in traveling, also supports various government initiatives, especially empowerment programmes for business owners and research-based programmes,” said Gaery Undarsa, co-founder and chief marketing officer at “Together, we are aiming for a solid recovery and growth for the tourism industry,” he added.

“We hope this collaboration heralds a new beginning in [the] policy-making process,” said Addin Maulana, a researcher from the Economics, Industry, Services and Trade Research Centre at the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN). “We would like to see more evidence-based policies that are based on not just official statistics, but also big data from industry partners,” he added.

Informed by in-depth data insights and strengthened by a range of new partnerships, the Indonesian Tourism Ministry is well-placed to maximise potential and tap into growing demand in the emerging tourism landscape in 2023.