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Panorama Destination Achieves ‘Excellence’ in CHSE Certification
02 December 2020 | Written by Chris Alexander

In August 2020, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia (MOTCE) officially launched the Clean, Health, Safety & Environment (CHSE) programme for the tourism industry. The programme provides a wide range of protocols and criteria, helping industry players ensure their products and services meet the highest safety standards through independent auditing and certification. CHSE offers reassurance to the public that tourism providers have met independent standards for cleanliness, health, safety and environmental sustainability. 

Since August, the CHSE certification programme has audited and evaluated a total of 9,959 tourism players nationwide and continues making progress towards full completion. The overarching aim of the initiative is to raise standards, prepare the industry for a safe return to business operations, and offer independent metrics that can help restore confidence in the travelling community. Tourism providers who successfully complete the assessment to the requisite standards will achieve official MOTCE certification in the form of a new, government-approved ‘I Do Care/InDOnesia CARE’ label. 

To provide a framework for this process, MOTCE has released nine detailed guides, each dedicated to a different segment of the tourism sector. These include everything from homestays and hotels, to MICE, golf, transportation, restaurants and rafting. Within the four dimensions of each segment – cleanliness, health, safety and environmental sustainability – 82 additional indicators are assessed by official MOTCE inspectors. Inspection also looks into the efficiency of management and corporate governance, preparedness among employees, and the extent to which passengers or clients participate in the safety protocols. 

As one of the leading DMCs in Indonesia, Panorama Destination is proud to have participated in and completed the inspection process, and has since been awarded ‘Excellence’ status by MOTCE, having successfully fulfilled 91% of the indicators in the CHSE programme. With certification achieved and standards raised across the board, Panorama Destination is officially ready to welcome back international travellers for safe, secure and enjoyable holidays in Indonesia. 

To download the PDF file of our CHSE Certificate, CLICK HERE.