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Panorama Destination Employees Undergo First Aid Training
10 October 2017 | Written by dtnweb

Early in October, members of the Panorama Destination team began the first of a series of twelve First Aid training courses held by BIMC. The training sessions are scheduled to continue throughout October and November.

The first session included 17 willing participants, made up of tour guides and drivers led by Kiki Pandewi, Senior Manager Quality Assurance & Guide Trainer. The first training session lasted for a total of four hours, from 9 AM to 1 PM and covered a wide range of practical skills, including an introduction to Basic Life Support, DRCAB (Danger, Response, Compression, Airway, Breathing), Resuscitation and Action Plan, CPR, Recovery Position, What to do if someone has an Obstructed Airway and many other related topics such as burns, near drowning, shock, chocking, snake bites, bleeding, etc.

All participants took part enthusiastically in the training and were able to demonstrate the new techniques they had learnt thereafter. The team also confirmed that the new knowledge made them feel more comfortable and confident should any emergency arise during their daily duties.

By constantly developing the skills, knowledge and capabilities of first response staff such as guides and drivers, Panorama Destination is better equipped and able to handle clients safely and comprehensively in case of emergency situations.