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Panorama Destination Signs Agreement With The Nature Conservancy
04 December 2017 | Written by dtnweb

On 30th November 2017, Panorama Destination signed a partnership with The Nature Conservancy.  The agreement forms part of Panorama Destination’s ongoing commitment to sustainability in Indonesia’s tourism sector. The main aim of the initiative with TNC is to preserve natural resources and regulate waste management in the Wakatobi region of Sulawesi.

Wakatobi National Park (WNP) archipelago is located at the southeastern tip of Sulawesi Island, to the eastern edges of Indonesia in the heart of the Coral Triangle. Wakatobi offers more than 50 spectacular dive locations featuring walls, slopes and seamounts, along with drift, pinnacle and channel sites. This submarine wonderland is home to an abundant array of fish and 396 identified coral species. The high visibility of the area’s waters make diving in Wakatobi an unforgettable experience throughout the year – regardless of weather conditions.

The park is also home to many unique cultural traditions and ancient seafaring tribes. Here, wooden stilt houses of the park’s Bajo people float above pristine tropical water, close to white sandy beaches. The area has become a magnet for tourism due to its cultural richness, spellbinding scenery and abundant biodiversity.

However, as the number of tourists to WNP continues to grow, the volume of rubbish distributed in the area is also increasing. Without intervention and careful management, this situation could grow into a serious problem, endangering the natural ecosystems of the park and undermining the tourism activities they support.

 To combat the negative effects of tourism and protect the park, Panorama Destination intends to raise awareness of conservation issues and waste management in Wakatobi, whilst facilitating more ethical and productive exchanges between the company’s customers and the locations they intend to visit. The partnership will also significantly advance TNC’s conservation agenda in Indonesia.

The partnership between Panorama and TNC will be implemented through a combination of Cause Related Marketing (CRM), nature conservation, and community development. Panorama Destination will set up a CRM system through its ticket purchases. This means that clients can contribute directly to conservation initiatives in Indonesia simply by purchasing their travel through Panorama Destination. TNC will receive a donation for every ticket purchased to all destinations in Indonesia.

In order to make this exciting project a success, Panorama Destination will notify customers through online and offline platforms, promoting the benefits of participation in the programme. In addition to developing a dedicated donation mechanism, Panorama Destination will also provide project funding and mobilize customer support and involvement in the project.

In the first year of the programme, Panorama Destination and TNC will establish a programme of socialization, enlisting and educating local villagers to help in the cause; the project will also identify village assets, opportunities, and related community groups; establishing a shared vision and creating a comprehensive partnership plan.  The first year of the partnership will also bring about practical and tangible infrastructure developments that will have an immediate benefit for Wakatobi’s ongoing waste management.