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Panorama Destination: Travelife Partner
15 April 2021 | Written by Chris Alexander

Travelife have officially recognised Panorama Destination with Partner status. As a renewal of the existing certification, the award is both a vote of confidence and a representation of Panorama Destination’s continued commitment to ethical, sustainable tourism in Indonesia. Ordinarily, this achievement would be presented during the annual Travelife award ceremony at ITB Berlin or WTM London. However, due to the ongoing disruption caused by Covid-19, this has been moved to next year (date and location TBC). 

“We would like to congratulate Panorama Destination Indonesia on the successful renewal of Travelife Partner status,” said Ms. Chi Nguyễn, who is the Sustainability Account Manager at Travelife. “We applaud your efforts in integrating Travelife sustainability principles into your future operations,” she added. The latest Travelife Partner award will be valid for a period of two more years. 

In order to be named a Travelife Partner, tour operators and travel agents must first demonstrate sustainable destination management, through reporting and compliance with over 200 strict criteria. This covers everything from energy and water use, to staff contracts, interactions with local communities and collaboration with suppliers.  

The second in a three-tiered levelling system that’s designed to raise and reward sustainability credentials, ‘Partner’ status is preceded by ‘Engaged’ and followed by ‘Certified.’ The process begins with a baseline review to assess operations and identify areas for improvement; partner status is then awarded to companies that meet these requirements. 

“We’re delighted to have our official Partner status renewed by Travelife,” explains Carla Roozen, who is the General Manager of Panorama Destination Bali. “The team has worked hard to ensure all operations embody our dedication to sustainable tourism, and Travelife have been a great help in supporting this journey to a greener, more ethical future,” she added.  

Panorama Destination is continuously looking for ways to improve its sustainability credentials and extend the reach of its positive impact. The next step in this process will be to implement the action plans and start building towards full certification; the third tier of Travelife status that entails extra standards, including in-depth online reporting and an extensive office audit.  

Travelife is the world’s leading international sustainability certification body for the travel sector, established with the support of the European Commission and dedicated to achieving sustainable practices within the tourism industry. Travelife standards cover environment, biodiversity, human rights and labour relations, in full compliance with UN-supported Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria. 

Panorama Destination Indonesia was first awarded Travelife Partner status in November 2017, following a lengthy application and audit process. Having demonstrated the company continues to uphold its commitment to responsible tourism and eco-friendly operations in Indonesia, Travelife have extended certification for a further 2 years; from 6 April 2021, until 6 April 2023. Panorama Destination branches in MalaysiaThailand and Vietnam have all previously been awarded Travelife partner status; an indication of our commitment to responsible, sustainable tourism throughout the region.  

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