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Panorama Fleet: Taking the Fight to COVID-19
02 April 2020 | Written by dtnweb

Together with White Horse group, Panorama Destination is working to provide essential support to medical personnel in Jakarta, in a concerted effort to combat and contain COVID-19 in Indonesia.

With the nation temporarily closed to foreign visitors and inter-provincial bus travel restricted by the government, the Panorama Destination fleet has been put to good use, providing shuttle services between specially designated COVID-19 hospitals and hotels designated for use by doctors and nurses.

“We hope our fleet can support the work of the medical teams, so [they] can focus on tackling COVID-19” explained AB Sadewa, who is Panorama Group Brand & Communications Vice President.

While serving the medical staff, Panorama Destination’s fleet of buses will adhere to all World Health Organization (WHO) standards to ensure their safety. This will include social distancing protocol applied to seating arrangements, body temperature scanning for all passengers and staff, masks for drivers and crew, the provision of hand sanitizers and regular spraying of disinfectant, before pickup and after delivery of the medical team.

Drivers and their assistants will also be accommodated in the same hotel as the medical team throughout the operations, to ensure both convenience and containment. In addition, Panorama Destination drivers will also undergo specialised training before beginning operations on this special mission, to ensure they follow the proper procedures.

In addition to this logistical support, Panorama Destination is also engaged in fundraising for Indonesia’s frontline medical staff through the Panorama Foundation. Donations are used to purchase much-needed personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical teams at each referral hospital, along with spray equipment and disinfectants to be used in communities throughout Jakarta.

We’re doing everything we can to lend a hand and speed the recovery from COVID-19 in Indonesia. You can follow our latest updates and get all the breaking news regarding the current situation, via our social media channels:

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