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Plataran L’Harmonie: Award-Winning Nature Tourism in Bali
10 October 2017 | Written by dtnweb

For the second consecutive year, Plataran L’Harmonie has been named in the Top 100 Sustainable Destinations by Green Destinations.

The award considers destinations’ performance in relation to destination management, nature, animals & scenery, environment & climate, culture & tradition, social wellbeing and business & hospitality. The selection process involves evaluation by a panel of 100 international experts in cooperation with 20 other international organizations for sustainable tourism.

Located in West Bali National Park, close to Menjangan Island, Plataran L’Harmonie stretches out along a seven-kilometre stretch of coastline, encompassing an area of 382 hectares that holds mangroves, lowland rainforest, savannahs and sandy beaches. The resort’s natural surroundings are a haven for wildlife such as deer, kingfishers, monkeys and the endangered Bali Starling. Nearby Menjangan Island is well known as a divers’ paradise due to its exotic beauty and underwater treasures.

This year, Plataran L’Harmonie has taken additional steps to enhance destination experiences, showcasing the area’s natural beauty, promoting local culture and enlivening sustainability tourism initiatives in Bali. The resort hosted Plataran X Trail – a cross-country race featuring 504 runners from 18 countries. The resort has also planted a total of 1,100 mangrove trees so far this year.

In October, Plataran L’Harmonie West Bali National Park also hosted the first ever Menjangan Fisherman Boat Carnival, displaying the traditional philosophy of “Tri Hita Karana”, a concept that evolves around three main factors: harmony among people, nature, and God, by hosting a Tirta Yatra full moon celebration for the locals and organizing additional activities to bring family and friends together.

 Plataran is a homegrown Indonesian hospitality group whose aim is to showcase the rich and diverse natural and cultural heritage of the archipelago. Plataran literally means ‘God’s most favourite courtyard.’ The name is a reflection of the group’s connection to and celebration of all the beauty and richness of culture that Indonesia has been blessed with. Plataran invites discovery and appreciation of Indonesia’s many treasures through its luxury brand of boutique hotels and resorts, private cruises, dining and event venues. Plataran currently has properties dotted in locations throughout the archipelago, including Komodo, Borobudur and Bali.