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POP! Hotel Festival Citylink Bandung Closed For Renovations
06 January 2017 | Written by dtnweb

POP! Festival Citylink Bandung has announced it will close for six months this year to accommodate renovations and top-to-bottom redesign. Hotel set to unveil new facilities and design in June this year

All 174 rooms of the hotel will be refreshed, to reflect the company’s next generation of exciting POP! Hotels. In addition, the renovations will include PITSTOP – a feature unique to the POP! brand which offers guests a lobby and living space underpinned by connectivity, comfort and a friendly atmosphere. PITSTOP is a vibrant and interactive social hub, where guests can unwind, get some food and stay connected.

POP! hotels are a stylish and quirky budget option for smart and eco-friendly travellers. The brand actively supports many projects at the frontline of environmental conservation and all its operations focus on eco-friendly living. From the energy efficient rooms to control of the company’s carbon footprint, POP! is committed to giving travellers not only comfort but peace of mind. POP! hotels are regularly updated and improved to make sure that every stay is better and greener than the last.

To facilitate this latest round of changes, the hotel in Bandung will close from 25th January until June 2017.