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Renovation Works Underway at Santi Mandala Villa & Spa
27 September 2019 | Written by dtnweb

Santi Mandala Villa & Spa have confirmed they are currently undergoing some minor renovation work at their resort, in order to ensure the safety and continued comfort of all guests.

The work began on 14th September 2019 and focuses specifically on one of the bridge roofs at the location. This area is situated away from the guest rooms, and the management have confirmed that all guests will be safe and largely unaffected during their stay.

There may be some minor noise disturbances or disruption caused by the work, although this will be confined to the scheduled working hours, which are between 10.30 am – 5 pm.

A net and other safety equipment will be installed around the project, to ensure safety and minimise disruption. The Santi Mandala team will do their best to ensure disturbance and noise are kept to a minimum during this time.

Please be advised that Santi Mandala Villa remains open for business as usual, and continues to accept new bookings for the period in question. All existing bookings will be honoured as usual.

Completion of the work is expected by 10th October 2019.