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Sail Nias 2019 to boost Marine Tourism
25 March 2019 | Written by dtnweb

Nias in North Sumatra Province, Indonesia, is preparing to welcome Sail Nias 2019, a sailing event that will be held from July to September 2019. ‘Nias as the Gate to World’s Travel Destination’ has been set as the theme for the programme. The highlight of the event will be on 14 September 2019 in Teluk Dalam, South Nias, with a series of activities namely: Wonderful Nias Expo 2019; WS International Surfing Championship: QS 1500; culture and art performances and social services by The Indonesian Navy.

“Nias tourism has been supported by adequate attractions, amenities, and accessibility. It has a world-class tourism potential with one of the world’s best surfing locations and has a well-preserved megalithic attraction.” said the Minister of Tourism of Indonesia, Arief Yahya, at the soft launching of Sail Nias 2019, at The Sultan Hotel in Jakarta on 14 March 2019. “For accessibility, Nias has an airport with daily direct flights from Jakarta, Medan and Padang.” he added.  

Yasonna Laoly, who is the Minister of Law and Human Rights of Indonesia, said in the soft launching of Sail Nias 2019 that the event will become a means to increase tourism potential, as Nias is blessed with many natural and cultural attractions.

Famous attractions at Nias include Bawomataluo Village, where you can see Hombo Batu – an ancient ritual in which young men leap over two-metre-high stone walls; Tureloto beach, which is a captivating place for snorkelling or diving; and Sorake beach, a spot that’s perfect for surfing.