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Sanur Village Festival
24 August 2016 | Written by dtnweb

Sanur Village Festival (SVF) is an annual community event founded by Sanur Development Foundation (YPS), combining several large-scale activities such as a food festival, creative economy exhibition, contests and competitions, art and cultural attractions, music and many environmentally-friendly activities all geared towards family fun and the development of empathy, equality and solidarity.

Now in its eleventh year, SVF 2016 offers visitors a unique synergy of traditional cultures and modern communities. Located at the maisonette area in grand Bali beach, SVF includes the Sanur golf tournament, kite festival, fishing contest, Bali International Triathlon, beach games, sports and food festival. There’s also a surfing competition, fun run, jukung competition, fruit and ice carving, cultural parade, body painting and photo competition. SME Bazaar and other creative products will be displayed during the Sanur Kreatif Expo.

SVF features a rich variety of attractions for body, soul and environment, with many musical performances, yoga classes and an overriding focus on creativity and conservation. Visitors to SVF can get involved in cleaning the beach, reforestation, coral planting and baby turtle release, helping to restore and rejuvenate Bali’s natural heritage.

There’s an extra celebratory edge to this year’s SVF, as the organizers put on a show to commemorate the 10 festivals that preceded it. The theme of SVF 2016 is “Tat Twam Asi”, which comes from the ethical teachings of Hinduism originating in Sanskrit, meaning “I am you, you are me”. This spirit of heritage and togetherness is unique to Sanur, making SVF a major highlight in the Bali events calendar.

Sanur Village Festival will be open from 24 – 28 August 2016.