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“Talk Together, Work Together”: Indonesia Tourism Minister
06 April 2020 | Written by dtnweb

On Friday, 3rd April 2020, Indonesia’s Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Angela Tanoesoedibjo, visited the Panorama Destination fleet headquarters in Tangerang. The purpose of her mission was to inspect the buses that will transport medical professionals to COVID-19 hospitals, as part of a new scheme designed to help Indonesia fight the spread of the virus.

The minister expressed her appreciation for the work Panorama Destination is doing alongside White Horse Group, to provide essential transportation services for health workers in this time of need. In particular, the minister noted the value of tourism stakeholders working together with government and health services:

“This move shows cooperation with the tourism industry and is a humanitarian mission,” said Tanoesoedibjo in a statement to the assembled press at Panorama Destination fleet headquarters on Friday. “It’s no longer related to profit or loss. This is all about dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, although we are aware that the tourism industry is one of the industries affected,” she added.

At the event, the Deputy Minister also invited other tourism industry players to collaborate, talk together and work together in handling this situation. She implored them to follow the correct procedures and not terminate employees in response to hardships experienced in the midst of the pandemic.

“We invite industry-wide cooperation with other tourism industry players, to jointly save Indonesia from the COVID-19 pandemic,” she concluded.

During her visit, she was accompanied by Rizki Handayani Mustafa, who is Indonesia’s Deputy of Tourism Products and Events; and Ari Juliano Gema, Spokesperson for the COVID-19 Task Force. Also in attendance were Panorama Destination’s Business Development Director, Ricky Setiawanto; and AB Sadewa, who is the Corporate Secretary of Panorama Group. They were joined by Angreta Chandra, CEO of White Horse Group.

As explained by Mr. Sadewa, Panorama Destination has joined forces with White Horse Group to make 11 vehicles from their fleet available for transporting medical professionals. A total of four large buses and one minivan from Panorama Destination will be used, along with five big buses and one 14-seat minivan from White Horse will supply shuttle services to health workers in hospitals designated by the government for treatment of COVID-19. These services will be operated to the highest possible standards, with all drivers and teams trained specially for the task.

“Before COVID-19 was confirmed as a pandemic, our crew had already implemented SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) regarding hygiene since February in serving foreign tourists,” explained Sadewa. “Including the provision of masks for those who are sick, along with hand sanitizers; drivers and assistants have already been using masks when serving foreign tourists,” he added.

In addition to the existing SOP, Panorama Destination drivers and fleet teams have undergone additional training in line with WHO Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and in partnership with Indonesia’s Ministry of Health.

To ensure the safety of all on board, the Panorama Destination bus crews will be equipped with masks and gloves, non-contact temperature gauges, hand-sanitizers, sprayers, disinfectants, washcloths, scissors, and plastic bags for the immediate disposal of waste.

“Disinfectant spraying is routinely carried out on the bus both before and after the delivery and pickup of health workers, especially on the part of the vehicle that is often touched,” explains Sadewa. “The driver and driver’s assistant are also put in the same hotel as the medical staff during their duty,” he added. This last protocol is to minimize the potential for transmission, while also ensuring that Indonesia’s medical teams have the benefit of swift, smooth transport provision.

The team of drivers selected to work on this mission have expressed their willingness to help and their pride at being able to play a part in the essential efforts currently underway in Indonesia.

“Although we are only transporting people and not dealing with patients directly, we are still proud to be able to contribute to the work these heroes are doing in the fight against COVID-19,” said one driver at the event in Tangerang on Friday.

Drivers and their assistants, like the medical professionals currently working to cure patients and contain the spread of the virus, are making heroic sacrifices to keep Indonesia safe. Panorama Destination is proud to support these efforts, and will continue doing everything we can to help.

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