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Ubud Food Festival 2024
03 May 2024 | Written by Chris Alexander

From 24-26 May 2024, Bali’s annual Ubud Food Festival (UFF) will provide travelling foodies with a taste of Indonesian culinary heritage. Featuring the very best dishes from Bali and beyond, the festival is an irresistible treat for international visitors this May. 

Hosted at Taman Kuliner (Culinary Park) in Ubud, this three-day event will feature some of the best food and drinks Indonesia has to offer, along with in-depth discussion with renowned chefs, food entrepreneurs and local culinary heroes. 

For budding chefs, the weekend offers a chance to develop new skills and expand the culinary repertoire. A range of complementary activities includes cookery masterclasses and live demonstrations from expert chefs on the Teater Kuliner stage.  

The Festival Hub provides a cross-section of Bali’s culinary landscape, with an array of sample food stalls. Presenting plenty of dishes and flavours from around the island, it will introduce visitors to artisan producers, organic ingredients, traditional recipes and unique products from all over Bali. 

Founded in 2015, the UFF has been described by its organisers as “a three-day cross-cultural culinary adventure with Indonesian food as the star. Showcasing Indonesia’s diverse cuisine, innovative chefs, and extraordinary local produce have always been at the heart of UFF.” 

The UFF is a major annual project presented by Yayasan Mudra Swari Saraswati, with a mission to enrich the lives of Indonesians through community-building and cultural programmes. It is the sibling event of the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival and Bali Emerging Voices Programme.  

Every year, the festival welcomes audiences and chefs from near and far to learn about Indonesia through its cuisine. This year’s event promises to be a delicious introduction to some of the nation’s finest culinary traditions.