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panorama destination

Ulu Cliffhouse Opens in Bali
26 September 2017 | Written by dtnweb

Located 35 metres above the sea, Ulu Cliffhouse opened its doors to the public this month. The 4,640-square-metre oasis offers panoramic views and a sensational new beach club experience in Uluwatu, Bali.

In addition to easy beach access, visitors to Ulu Cliffhouse can enjoy the property’s 25-metre infinity pool, an on-site spa, a boutique store and a whole host of delicious food and drink options. Diners can choose between Ulu’s terraced restaurant and the Cliffside bar – the perfect place to enjoy sunset with a cocktail and some friends. Ulu Cliffhouse also features a resident surfboard shaper.

Created by Shed London, Ulu Cliffhouse has a wide range of interesting design features and original facilities. Ulu features its very own recording studio, a curated gallery space and dedicated surfboard shaper.

Ulu Cliffhouse also features a Rock Bar, located half way down the cliff face and accessed via a winding stairway. Perched above the ocean, the bar has a capacity of 100 and serves tiki-style cocktails. When the tide is low, patrons will also have access to bar’s very own private beach cove.

Producer, mixer and composer Neil McLellan, head of Ulu Cliffhouse’s musical team, said: “My reason for choosing Ulu Cliffhouse over other locations in the world is quite simple, it is simply the best creative environment around. The fact that now I can offer the facilities of a world-class beach club in partnership with Ulu Cliffhouse, combined with privacy and the beauty of nature is awesome.”

With its superb location and unique range of facilities, Ulu Cliffhouse is set to become the hottest property in Bali this holiday season.