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Indonesia Takes Centre Stage at World Travel Market London
15 September 2016 | Written by dtnweb

In a concerted effort to drive up international arrivals and reach the ambitious targets set by the government, Indonesia’s Tourism Ministry has signed a major sponsorship deal with WTM London to promote Wonderful Indonesia in the British and European market.

The Indonesian government has set a target of 20 million annual visitors to Indonesia by 2019. Reaching this goal would be a significant achievement, as it would represent almost double last year’s total of 10.5m international arrivals. The solution, according to the Ministry of Tourism, is to expand the scope of Indonesia’s promotional activities into the global marketplace. The number of British visitors to Indonesia is experiencing strong growth, rising 21% year-on-year to 280,000 in 2015, making them a central demographic in the development of Indonesian inbound tourism.

Arief Yahya, Tourism Minister, expects the sponsorship deal with WTM to help promote Indonesia’s attractions, highlight the on-going developments to infrastructure and bring Indonesia to the forefront of international tourism. “WTM is the biggest, most important global travel market in the world,” he said. “[It] enables us to promote our message of Wonderful Indonesia in a cost-efficient and effective manner to decision-makers and influencers from around the world.”

This year’s WTM London takes place from 7-9 November, with around 150 delegates from 53 companies in Indonesia scheduled to attend. “By participating in WTM 2016 and working with our partners in the travel trade, media, and airlines throughout the rest of the year, the ministry expects 2016 will be the best year ever and will keep international arrivals on track to reach a record 20 million by 2019,” he added.

With new legislation designed to ease the arrival of foreign tourists, Indonesia has set to work improving the transport infrastructure of the archipelago around key tourism hotspots to help welcome international arrivals. With free visas-on-arrival for citizens of almost all countries, new airports and seaports being built or upgraded throughout the country, and simplified cruise ship regulations to encourage the growth of cruising, Indonesia is ready to welcome the world to its many beautiful islands.

In addition to projects focusing on the UK, the Ministry of Tourism will continue branding and promotion efforts throughout Asia Pacific and the Middle East, with numerous plans slated to increase tourism promotion efforts in key European markets.