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Agro & Eco: Immersive Natural Getaways in Malaysia’s Sahom Valley
05 December 2018 | Written by dtnweb

Located just 13 kilometres from Kinta Tin Mining Museum and close to Gua Tempurung Limestone Caves, Sahom Valley – Agro & Eco is an idyllic and natural getaway nestled in a wild setting surrounded by mountains, rivers, and green scenery. The resort has been described as an oasis where rivers meet, surrounded by birds chirping and farmers busily going about their daily activities.

The Bamboo village comprises 20 units of chalets welcoming guests with conveniences such as a restaurant, free parking and a terrace. A range of accommodation is available, from single chalets to shared villa suites, all tailored to the individual needs of guests. Buildings are designed and built with a green concept, using local materials such as bamboo, timber logs and river stones.

Ideally situated between oil palm trees, the bamboo houses each feature a private bathroom and face fish ponds or a trickling stream. In addition, a multipurpose hall and BBQ pit have recently been added for public use. Other facilities include a seminar hall, workshop, restaurant, floating surau, river beach and fisheries. Additional luggage storage is also provided by the front desk staff.

Sahom Valley – Agro & Eco offers a combination of eco challenges and a farmstay experiences, allowing guests to immerse themselves in a rustic and rural lifestyle in the natural landscapes of Malaysia. The resort’s range of Eco Challenges offer a selection of activities for all ages, including passive to active games, individual and group events conducted by professional instructors; making this a great location for family getaways and corporate retreats.

Agro packages offer hands-on activities in organic farming, fruit picking and harvesting vegetables, bamboo weaving, feeding animals and cooking traditional delicacies; the ideal way to get an insight into the local way of life. Team Building events are designed and conducted to suit guests’ objectives, including various types of activities and collaborative tasks used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams.