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Contactless Bookings for Budget Hotels
30 October 2020 | Written by Chris Alexander

In a bid to boost occupancy and offer a new business model for post-pandemic travel bookings, Malaysia’s budget hotel sector is turning to digitalisation. A range of new technology has been launched and promoted across the sector recently, while the Malaysia Budget Hotel Association (MyBHA) is encouraging its members to switch to the new contactless service. The ultimate aim is to provide international guests with more choice, convenience and improved safety controls when they return. 

In the first phase of a nationwide upgrade, MyBHA has already engaged with 200 hotels. To further promote the new technology, they will also run a campaign from 15 November 31 December this year, which will include awareness, training and implementation of the new technology. In 2021, this process will be repeated and expanded on a larger scale, to bring the sector up to speed throughout Malaysia. 

To facilitate this evolution to cash-free and contactless payments, MyBHA has launched an eWallet and cashback campaign, called Jom Nginap (which means ‘Let’s Stay’ in Malay). Provided in collaboration with e-wallet provider Touch ‘n Go (TNG), the initiative is also supported by digital payment solution provider Gkash. During the campaign, TnG will exhibit and promote all participating hotels in the TnG eWallet app, while Gkash will provide digital wallet solutions through business apps at zero-entry costs. 

“We will be the first hotel association to initiate and engage with 14 million TnG eWallet users in the country,” says MyBHA’s national president, Emmy Suraya Hussein. This network of newly digitalised hotels and accommodation providers will be online and ready to receive international arrivals next year, when the existing Movement Control Order (MCO) on inbound tourism is expected to be lifted. 

The Malaysia Budget Hotel Association is the umbrella body for all budget hotels (3 stars and below) in Malaysia, with membership comprising a wide range of hotel entities, owners and appointed representatives. The stated mission of the association is to speak on behalf of all budget hotels in Malaysia and promote the interests of members under a common objective: advancing sustainable growth.