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Destination: Malaysia
01 April 2024 | Written by Chris Alexander

A Message from Panorama Destination Malaysia: 

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur!  

We’re currently observing the fasting month of Ramadhan in Malaysia, and already looking ahead to the joyful Eid celebrations set for the middle of April. So far during this holy month, we have held a staff Iftar and also taken part in some activities alongside one of the charities we sponsor as part of our ongoing CSR activities.

For visitors to Malaysia at this time of year, there’s plenty of cause for celebration. If your clients are looking for a little travel inspiration, my recommendation would be the beautiful, magical island of Langkawi. To learn more about Langkawi and everything it has to offer, Travel With Us.

Panorama Destination offers a series of excursions around the island, including Dream Forest Langkawi; a magical, mystical adventure into the heart of the island and its unique culture. For an alternative perspective, take a cruise on one of our private Yachts, and enjoy a luxurious ocean adventure!

We already have a number of international clients travelling with us this month, continuing a an unbroken trend of busy bookings that stretches back into last year. We currently have several groups from Europe experiencing our Nature Adventures package, along with various FITs enjoying their late winter/early spring vacations. The sun is shining in Malaysia and the future looks bright. For clients who wish to experience a mixture of sun, sea, city and nature, Malaysia has it all. It’s never too late to book that dream holiday – we’re always ready to make travellers’ dreams come true!

Natasha Jimin

Country Manager, Panorama Destination Malaysia.

Destination digest: Malaysia news in brief 

A selection of bitesize news stories currently making the headlines in Malaysia: 

Malaysia expects 27.3 million foreign tourist arrivals in 2024

Malaysia has set a target of welcoming 27.3 million foreign tourists in 2024, riding on the wave of optimism fuelled by a series of strategic initiatives and the success of attracting over 20 million foreign tourists last year. Director-General of Tourism Malaysia Ammar Abd Ghapar expressed confidence in reaching this year’s target, attributing it to the government’s supportive measures such as the charter flight matching grant incentive, the Visa Liberalisation programme, and enhanced tourism promotion activities overseas.

(source: VietnamPlus)

Routes Asia 2024 to open more flight paths to Malaysia

Tourism Malaysia welcomed international guests from over 60 countries to the Networking Evening of Routes Asia 2024 at Resorts World Langkawi, showcasing the finest aspects of Malaysian gastronomy and culture. In a joint effort with Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB), Tourism Malaysia co-hosted this three-day gathering, uniting the top airlines, airports, and industry figures from the Asia Pacific region.

(source: Travel and Tour World)

Increase in tourist arrivals expected from Indonesia

Tourism Malaysia expects an increase in tourist arrivals from Indonesia this year, particularly with the Visit 2024 campaign in Melaka, Kelantan, Perak and Perlis. Last year, Malaysia welcomed over 3.1 million Indonesian tourists, highlighting the vibrant cultural exchange and friendship shared between the two nations. “These campaigns set the stage for the forthcoming Visit Malaysia Year 2026, which aims to attract 35.6 million foreign tourists while targeting a revenue of RM147.1bil,” Tourism Malaysia said in a statement.

(source: The Star)

Tourism Malaysia leads participation in Jeddah International Travel and Tourism Exhibition

Tourism Malaysia participated in the 12th Jeddah International Travel and Tourism Exhibition (JTTX) as a strategic move to bolster its promotional efforts and attract a growing number of Middle Eastern travellers to Malaysia. The three-day event serves as a crucial platform for connecting international travel businesses with the rapidly expanding Saudi travel market.

(source: Travel Daily News)

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