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Malaysia Airlines Launch Facebook Booking Feature
29 October 2018 | Written by dtnweb

Malaysia’s flagship airline has created a new system, by which travellers can buy tickets direct from their Facebook page. The new feature, titled ‘MHchat’, allows Facebook users to make travel arrangements and even pay for flights direct through their Facebook Messenger application.

MHchat, which was made by travel technology company Amadeus, uses the latest in AI to effectively simulate human conversation. It is the first of its kind to be launched for the Malaysian market and forms part of Malaysia Airlines’ ongoing digital transformation strategy.

“We look forward to further exploring how we can deliver more personalised and integrated services for our customers,” said Izham Ismail, who is Malaysia Airlines group chief executive officer. Meanwhile, Amadeus executive vice president (Airlines, Asia Pacific) Cyril Tetaz has also noted the need for speed when it comes to digital innovations: “Many airlines are embarking on turnaround transformation initiatives, driven by a real will to address competition but above all to improve the customer experience,” said the executive vice president.

On Facebook Messenger, Malaysia Airlines’ customers can now use MHchat to look up flights, or make enquiries related to a booking. The 24-hour platform will then search, locate and push related offers or information that are tailored to the needs of the traveller. Prospective passengers can then complete a transaction, make a secure payment and receive their travel itinerary all within the same app.