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Malaysia Expects 9.6 Million Visitors in 2023
01 April 2023 | Written by Chris Alexander

Following several months of unparalleled success, Malaysia’s tourism sector has had to revise up its estimates for international arrivals in the remainder of the year. The country initially projected 2.5 million foreign travellers in 2023, but that was at a time when restrictions were still in place in many locations across Southeast Asia. Now, with borders back open and travellers returning in increasingly greater numbers, Malaysia expects to see 9.6 million visitors from abroad in the months ahead.

According to the latest reports, one of the key factors in this growth has been ease of travel. By lifting restrictions and smoothening the infrastructure that welcomes international guests, Malaysia has become a destination of choice for post-pandemic travellers. One example where this is clearly seen is in border checks and documentation.

Previously, all air and sea arrivals had to complete a Digital Pre-Departure Form (DPDF), download the MySejahtera app and present a Digital Traveller Card to verify vaccination. Unvaccinated arrivals were also required to complete a five-day period of isolation. However, when Malaysia revoked all of these restrictions on 1 August 2022, it removed many of the obstacles preventing a tourism revival.

But the main factor behind Malaysia’s growing popularity is the many attractions on offer in the country itself. Malaysia’s 2,905 miles of coastline are home to pristine beaches and islands, while the cities host a mix of modern comforts and historical treasures. Inland, rainforests offer adventures into the wild, while mountains provide spectacular views of one of Asia’s up-and-coming travel destinations.

With greater ease of travel and a wide range of destinations to explore, Malaysia is looking forward to being top of the wish list for almost 10 million travellers in 2023. To explore more of Malaysia’s attractions in greater detail, including George Town, Sabah, Kuala Lumpur, and Langkawi, Travel With Us.