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Malaysia’s First VR Theme Park Opens in Johor
18 September 2019 | Written by Chris Alexander

On 28th August, the Legoland Shopping Mall in Johor, Malaysia, unveiled the brand-new VRINITY theme park; an innovative new attraction presented by Malaysian ICT company Iskandar Innovations (IISB) and South Korea’s largest telecommunications company, KT Corp. The park is the first project the company has launched outside of South Korea. The park will offer visitors a range of differentiated VR experiences by using KT’s immersive media platforms and VR content.

VRINITY features VR rooms offering more than 20 games, including titles such as Special Force VR: Ace, Black Badge: Signal, Dynamic Theater, Taekwon V Reality and Tobot VR. The VR rooms also have VR Sports games with multi-player function and KT’s World War Toons: VR Experience.

“VRINITY has great significance as KT’s first overseas venture in immersive media services,” said Kim Hoon-Bae, who is head of KT’s new media business unit. “With VRINITY serving as a beachhead for our global reach, VR platforms and content will help consolidate KT’s presence in overseas markets,” he continued.

The Legoland shopping mall in Johor attracts around 1.5 million annual visitors, many of whom are from neighbouring Singapore. The new VRINITY experience is expected to draw large crowds over the coming months. In March 2019, KT launched its first VR theme park, named VRIGHT, in Seoul. To date, the two-floor theme park has attracted more than 60,000 visitors with its combination of VR activities and attractions.