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MICE and Medical: Malaysian Tourism Growth
03 June 2024 | Written by Chris Alexander

With its combination of attractive tourism offerings and excellent infrastructure, Malaysia is ideally positioned as one of the world’s top destinations for business events and healthcare services. A series of initiatives from the government are aiming to maximise this potential, with further development of both travel sectors expected in the months ahead. 

At the recent Travel And Tour World showcase during Arabian Travel Market (ATM 2024), Tourism Malaysia shared stories of progress and investment, along with their vision to bolster Malaysia’s reputation on the world stage. Datuk Dr. Yasmin Mahmood, Chair of the Malaysia Tourism Board, shared her insights on Malaysia‘s roadmap for development in the MICE and medical tourism segments.  

To boost MICE travel, Malaysia has been making substantial investments in infrastructure, while also providing financial incentives and logistical support. These actions have helped to create an enabling environment for high-level corporate events, meetings and presentations. Incentives for international exhibitors include subsidies, tax rebates and grants to reduce costs and incentivise the selection of Malaysia as a MICE destination. 

Another major draw for international business organisations is Malaysia’s range of top-quality events venues. Strategically located facilities like the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre, and the Putrajaya International Convention Centre come equipped with cutting-edge amenities, with convenient connectivity to nearby transport hubs, hotels and tourist attractions. Moreover, convenient flight links to the rest of Southeast Asia make Malaysia a preferred regional hub for elite-level business events. 

Malaysia is also one of the region’s best destinations for healthcare. Internationally accredited hospitals and clinics are located nationwide, with many certified by Joint Commission International (JCI). Fully equipped with the latest technology and staffed by leading experts in their respective fields of medicine and therapy, this infrastructure provides a wide range of choice and high standards of quality to travellers in search of affordable medical attention, including cardiac care, orthopaedics, fertility treatment and cosmetic surgery. 

Malaysia even offers a range of comprehensive medical packages that combine healthcare services with leisure activities. These packages often include pre- and post-treatment consultations, accommodation, transportation and tour options, providing medical tourists with a more comprehensive, memorable and positive experience of Malaysia during their visit. Importantly, patients can also recuperate in locations that are conducive to recovery, taking advantage of Malaysia’s natural beautiful attractions while receiving world-class medical care.  

Under the leadership of Datuk Dr. Yasmin Mahmood, Tourism Malaysia is implementing a comprehensive vision to position the country as a top global destination for MICE and medical tourism. Central to this approach is an emphasis on the country’s various attractions and strategic partnerships at the international level, along with a strong commitment to sustainability.