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Mount Kinabalu: Taking Climbers to New Heights
05 March 2019 | Written by dtnweb

On Sunday, 24 February 2019, the eighth annual ASEAN Kinabalu Climb event brought a group of 48 climbers from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore to the top of Mount Kinabalu. The annual programme is aimed at promoting Mount Kinabalu as a High Altitude Training Centre among ASEAN mountaineering communities and outdoor lovers. This year’s climb was joined by Minister of Human Resources M Kulasegaran, along with renowned mountain climber Ravi Tharumalingam.

“The Kinabalu Climb is our annual programme; starting this year, we will do it twice a year”, said Ravi Tharumalingam during the closing ceremony of the expedition. “We hope that by involving climbers from around the region, they will go back to their countries and tell people about their experience,” he continued.

The participants of the programme hoped that through this event, the ASEAN community will be exposed to what Mount Kinabalu has to offer. They also hoped that this could encourage them to use Mount Kinabalu as a training ground in their preparation to climb other peaks.

Located in Kinabalu National Park – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – Mt Kinabalu is the highest mountain in Malaysia. Reaching the summit is a challenging two-day journey across the captivating landscape of Kinabalu Park. The steep trail from the base camp to the summit and the rapid change in altitude make it important for those who wish to climb the mountain to be in good physical condition beforehand.