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National Art Gallery Langkawi Welcomes Art Lovers
05 April 2019 | Written by dtnweb

The National Art Gallery (NAG) has opened a new branch in Langkawi, Malaysia, in March 2019. In conjunction with NAG’s 60th anniversary last year, the National Art Gallery Langkawi is currently hosting two parallel exhibitions until 31 May 2019, namely Langkawi Sketches and Katasila.

With almost 70 artworks, Langkawi Sketches exhibits the natural beauty of Langkawi island. The artworks for this exhibition are a result from a series of programmes such as Langkawi Sketches and Lakar Lukis Langkawi. As for Katasila, the exhibition features 7 artworks from NAG’s and WCO Holdings’ (a KL-based cultural centre focusing on Chinese artefacts) collection. The artworks are presented in GIF animation form and video-loop projection on the gallery wall.

“The gallery was established with the aim of enhancing collaboration between the community and industry,” said Datuk Dr Mohamed Najib Ahmad Dawa, Director General National Visual Arts Development Board. “Among the main aspects about this gallery is the dynamic art reference centre and workshop area for curators and artists to ‘upskill’ and ‘reskill’ through workshops, open art talks, exhibitions and collaborative art projects,” he added.

Moreover, the National Art Gallery Langkawi is set to be another important destination to attract tourists. “The establishment of the National Art Gallery branch in Langkawi would encourage those interested in visual arts to seek for more art exhibitions on the island resort and other parts of the country.” said Datuk Mohamaddin Ketapi, the minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture.