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SEA LIFE Malaysia Opens Today!
09 May 2019 | Written by dtnweb

SEA LIFE Malaysia, the first interactive LEGO® themed aquarium in Malaysia will open its doors to the public today (9th May 2019). Located next to LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort, it will feature unique local marine life in an exclusive Malaysian habitat, incorporating local themes such as the Wanli shipwreck alongside LEGO® elements.

“We are thrilled to welcome all our local and international guests to SEA LIFE Malaysia,” said Kurt Stocks, General Manager of LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort in the build-up to the grand opening earlier this week. “With the opening of SEA LIFE Malaysia, we are able to provide families with a complete fun and educational experience alongside our water park, theme park and hotel,” he continued.

SEA LIFE MALAYSIA is a double-storey aquarium owned by Merlin Entertainments, occupying 2,123m2 of land space alongside the group’s other ventures: LEGOLAND® Malaysia Theme Park, LEGOLAND® Water Park, and LEGOLAND® Hotel.

The aquarium will feature a total of around 13,000 sea creatures from 120 species, housed in 25 display tanks in 11 habitat zones. The largest exhibit, named ‘Ocean Tunnel’ contains 385,000 litres of water and includes a submarine walkway in which visitors can watch sharks, rays and other sea creatures swim above them. Other key habitat zones featured at SEA LIFE Malaysia are Shoaling Ring, Malaysian Rainforest, Seahorses, Stingray Bay, Coral Reef, Jellies and Ocean View.

A special Behind-the-Scenes Tour allows guests to learn about animal healthcare and food preparation for all sea creatures happening every day at SEA LIFE Malaysia. The aquarium believes in informing and educating guests about coral reefs, and how they contribute to the entire ecosystem of the Earth’s marine life. To make the learning experience more impactful and memorable, SEA LIFE Malaysia will also include interactive elements in every habitat zone. For instance, kids visiting Rockpools will be able to enjoy hands-on experiences to learn more about the natural habitats of Rockpools, as well as their importance to many other sea creatures, through a number of interactive tutorials.