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Tourism Malaysia Goes Digital
22 April 2021 | Written by Chris Alexander

As part of an ambitious new online marketing campaign, Tourism Malaysia have launched a range of new e-brochures. Officially launched on 20 April, the Interactive Digital Brochures offer travellers and agents a wide range of information to help them plan their itinerary and make the necessary preparations.  

A total of five digital brochures have been uploaded so far, namely Malaysia Travel GuideKuala Lumpur the Dazzling Capital CityLangkawi the Jewel of KedahIslands and Beaches and Adventures with Nature. All are currently available via the new Tourism Malaysia website.  

According to Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Nancy Shukri, the interactive brochures “give new life to digital brochures in pdf format, which previously could only be downloaded and printed.” To improve the user experience and offer greater functionality, the revamped digital publications feature interactive multimedia elements, including videos and animation. 

“The new version of these brochures opens a wider dimension and allow users to interact virtually to obtain all the necessary information at the tip of their fingers,” explained Nancy, who was speaking at the official launch of the Tourism Malaysia website earlier this month in Kuala Lumpur.  

“This site utilises Google Maps links to help tourists and tour operators to plan trips, choose suitable accommodations and find out (surrounding) facilities such as petrol stations, restaurants, parking facilities and hospitals,” added the minister. 

According to Tourism Malaysia senior deputy director (Production) Junus Suhid, information contained in the e-brochures has been designed for easy sharing on social media platforms, while multi-screen compatibility allows for optimum performance across laptops, smartphones and tablets. He expects more digital brochures to be released soon. 

In response to Covid-19 restrictions and in preparation for the New Normal, Tourism Malaysia is currently working to digitalise its operations and step up online promotional efforts. This in turn forms part of a wider plan to revitalise the tourism industry, as outlined under the National Tourism Policy (DPN) 2020-2030. 

Nancy is encouraging members of the public to use the information provided on the interactive site to plan their upcoming family homecoming holidays over the peak domestic period. After a domestic trial, all eyes in the sector will focus on the return of international arrivals.