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Volcano Tourism: A Hot New Topic in Borneo
25 November 2020 | Written by Chris Alexander

With nature tourism top of the agenda for post-pandemic travel, the Tourism Ministry of Malaysia is looking into setting up tours and travel to key locations of volcanic interest around the town of Tawau. Located near Sabah, to the eastern edge of Borneo, this district is home to Malaysia’s only technically active volcanic region. Panorama Destination offers a wide range of nature-themed getaways in Malaysia. Find out how this unique region could be next on the list. 

Two sites of potential interest have been identified in Tawau Hills Park, which is home to white sulphur springs and the ancient crater at Mount Lucia. Bombalai volcano is located near the border with Indonesian Kalimantan; although it last erupted thousands of years ago, the mountain is considered by experts to still be active, providing visitors with stunning views and natural wonders despite its dormancy.  

“What makes volcano tourism a niche market is the experience and interpretation of the volcanic characteristics and heritage,” commented the president of the Malaysian Association of Tour & Travel Agents, KL Tan. “The market for volcano tourism ranges from recreational tourists to adventure tourists. These tourists are usually looking for something new and unique while combining their interest in other recreational pursuits such as sightseeing, hiking or mountaineering,” he continued.  

Inbound travel agencies are beginning to recognise the potential of Malaysia’s only volcanic region as a special attraction for tourism. KL Tan calls Tawau “a unique tourism product”. He adds that Tawau can also be the ideal entry point for divers on their way to the islands of Sipadan and Mabul. This allows Volcanic Tawau tours to be the perfect complementary product to diving in Sabah. 

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