panorama destination

panorama destination

Luxury Travel

Our understanding of luxury goes beyond the appearances of rooms and facilities and into something a little deeper. To us, luxury begins at the point of sale; experiential travel requires a deep level of sophisticated knowledge and confidence during the sales process, providing the right balance of local insight, independence and flexibility. It also means access to the people, places and experiences that represent all that is unique about a destination. In three words, it would be enrichment, authenticity and exclusivity.


Panorama Destination understands the needs of the modern luxury traveller and offers unique signature experiences throughout Malaysia by creating memorable travel itineraries that are highly personalized. Our combination of local knowledge and exhaustive research ensures locations, experiences and services that are extraordinary.


Additional flourishes and features can be added to itineraries, such as private and exclusive destination dining, luxury car amenities, welcome folder, private photography trips, armed and unarmed bodyguard services, babysitting and even access to local celebrities.


Those who travel with Panorama Destination can enjoy authentic, quality experiences that embody the meaning of luxury – enriching trips and tours that go beyond the ordinary and will be long remembered.