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Palu Earthquake Fundraising Campaign: Report
18 January 2019 | Written by dtnweb

Wednesday, 16th January 2019, Jakarta – Following the earthquake and tsunami that hit Palu in 2018, Panorama Destination teamed up with Asia World Indonesia to raise funds and play an active role in the ongoing relief efforts. Our fundraising campaign raised a total of 13,289 USD, which was used to buy essential supplies in areas most in need of help.

On 4th December 2018, two containers of goods were delivered to Pantoloan Port, Palu by Meratus shipping company. This aid package from Panorama Destination and Asia World Indonesia included essential foods, baby products, mattresses, water tanks and water purifiers. On the same day, our ground team purchased an additional 1,814 kg (2 tonnes) of rice (475 kg of which was provided by our partners at FOX). On 5th December 2018, these goods were shipped to our warehouse in Palu, to be included in the aid packages being distributed.

Our team were helped by Ibu Amalia, who kindly welcomed them to stay at her house at Dolo Regency during the delivery process. On 7th December, they started distributing the goods; transporting them from the warehouse to villages that had been damaged by the earthquake and tsunami. In the first phase of delivery, our team delivered 200 food packages, three water tanks, one water purifier and 15 tarpaulins to the village of Donggala.

The second batch of aid parcels, comprising one water tank, food packages, mattresses and rice bags, was delivered to Sidera Sigi village. In the third delivery, our team travelled to the village of Soulove, where they delivered a water tank, along with more rice bags and food packages for the villagers.

On 8th December, the team went to Bulu Bete, which is one of the farthest villages. Foods packages, baby products, mattresses, water tanks, and water purifiers were delivered directly to the villagers.

On 9th December 2018, the fifth and final aid delivery was made to Malatama village and the nearby refugee camp. Food packages, baby products, mattresses, water tanks, and water purifiers were delivered to those in need.

Panorama Destination and Asia World Indonesia would like to express our profound gratitude to the many people who made donations to our Palu relief campaign in 2018. Your generosity has made a real difference to the lives of many people that were affected by the tragic events in Palu and the neighbouring villages. Our response to the devastation would not have been possible without the support and kindness of our partners, clients and colleagues who so generously stepped up to help. Thank you.

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